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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Octopus' Garden fundraiser for Dam Working group - information

February got you down? Spring is just arounnd the corner. Why not plant an 
"Octopus's Garden and Help out a good cause?

Help thhe Dam-Reservoir Working group raise money for our aquatic conservation
initiative Project Pisces! We are rasing funds to  bring in speakers and 
maintain our website as well as to continue to do public outreach and 
educatinpolitciians and decsions makers about impacts and solutions to 
too much water development.

Buy some of our plant-in-spring : bloom-this-summer bulbs from 
Breck's Dutch bulbs: 100% guaranteed to bloom or your bulbs replaced 
or money refunded! This is a loifetime guarantee - it doesn't get any 
better than this. :-)

Plus DRWG receives 50% of al proceeds from the sale - orders need 
to be in by March 14th.

We will also be in the Baker's Lounge area near the banking machines for 
the 13th and 14th of March.

Here are the bulbs that are available this time:


ITEM A:  5 Mixed ASIATIC Lilies		$15.00		Multiply annually.
ITEM B: 20 Mixed Gladiolus		 15.00		Great in bouquets!
ITEM C: 20 Double Anemones		 15.00		Brilliant colours!
ITEM D: 20 Peacock Orchids		 15.00		Fragrant!
ITEM E:  3 Mixed Double Begonias	 15.00		"Made in the shade"
ITEM F:  8 Four O'Clocks		 15.00		Heat Tolerant.
ITEM G:	20 Mixed Double Freesias	 15.00		Very fragrant.
ITEM H:  6 Spider Lillies		 15.00		Exotic blossoms!
ITEM I: 20 Queen 'Fabiola' Brodlaea	 15.00		Rare Blue Blooms!
ITEM J:	20 Mixed Ixia			 15.00		Petite Standouts!
ITEM K: 15 Mexican Shell Flowers	 15.00		Delightfully different!
ITEM L: 12 Purple Liatris		 15.00		Eye-catching form!


The perfect gift for beginning garderers and experienced alike.
Spectacular 43 bulb assortment!

A SPECIAL BUY - just $25 gets you all this...


Great for beginners. Exciting blooms provide colour & beauty all summer long. 
Complete planting instructions included in distinctive gift box.

* 7 Mixed Gladiolus
*10 Peacock Orchids
*20 Mixed Sparaxis [Mexican Shell Flowers]
* 6 Purple Liatrus 


Bulbs are perrenials - plant them once and they return year after year 
- a great investment for your garden.

All orders shipped in time for optimal local planting times.

Please make out cheques to OPIRG-Carleton.  Order forms will be available
next week Monday at latest.

Help a Good Cause: Help us save the world's fish, phytoplankton, shelfish,
and their aquatic habitat from too much water abstraction while making 
your Garden More beautiful than ever with top quality Breck's 
fully guaranteed bulbs.

More info on blubs and bloming times avaialable. we are trying to get  someone to scan the brochure in in colourr so we can mount it on a webpage here.

-Dianne Murray

for the Dam-Reservoir Working Group
and the underwater creatures.  :-)

Dianne Murray
Coordinator, Dam-Reservoir Working Group	
Webmistress, Dam-Reservoir Information & Impact Archive
listserv-owner/manager, dam-l

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

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