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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CORRECTION: re bulbs offered DRWG fundraiser: Octopus's Garden

Plant an Octopus's Garden Dam-Reservoir Working Group Spring Fundraiser

The "Dutch Treat Summer Garden Starter Box" ($25.00)
was listed as containing Mexican Shell Flowers.  This is 
incorrect. The species I listed and number of bulbs of that species
*is* correct but they are not Mexican Shell flowers - they 
look quite similar but have more petals and and some other differences.

If anyone needs anymore informatio, for example bloom times,
please let me know!

Sorry for confusion! :)

for the phytoplankton,

Dianne Murray
Coordinator, Dam-Reservoir Working Group	
Webmistress, Dam-Reservoir Information & Impact Archive
listserv-owner/manager, dam-l

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

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