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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Wanted: Volunteers and Board Members for WIAM

WANTED: Volunteers and potential Board members for

                Ottawa-based Global Education organization

World Inter-Action Mondiale (WIAM) is looking for volunteers and
potential Board members to plan and carry out its worthwhile program

WIAM is an Ottawa-based global education organization. WIAM acts as a
 catalyst organization, striving to encourage action and involvement in
social justice issues, north and south, through traditional and
innovative media with a focus on youth. WIAM has been raising
awareness about global issues in Ottawa for 27 years. Initially
established as a global resource centre, WIAM has been delivering
global outreach programs involving organizations from north and south
 ever since.

CIDA's cancellation of funding to global education programs in 1995
 dealt an enormous blow to WIAM and the other global resource centres.
The resource centre doors closed, and all of WIAM's staff were laid
 off. WIAM was unable to continue offering many of the outreach
programs delivered in the past.

Nevertheless, WIAM has endured thanks to the commitment of volunteers,
through the working Board of Directors and volunteer programming
committees, and thanks to continued support from our members. WIAM's  annual
"One World Film Festival", established in 1989, provides a  venue for
socially-oriented international and local films. The 11th  annual festival
took place in October 200 attracting over 500 people.
WIAM hosts a regular half-hour international development radio show, "A
Luta Continua" (The Struggle Continues), broadcast on CKCU 93.1 FM.  We
have a youth outreach program makes presentations, using film, on global
issues in local high school classrooms and we have developed, Global
Youthspeak, a radio journalism project for youth wanting to build their
media skills.

We are looking for new volunteers for our programming committees, as
well as committed individuals for our Board of Directors, which
provides both direction and substance to the organization's
activities.  We are particularly looking for someone with financial and
accounting skills to act as Treasurer on our Board of Directors.

If you are interested in getting involved with this energetic and
committed group of people, or if you would like more information about
WIAM, please contact Steve Mason, WIAM's President, at smason@unac.org.
WIAM Annual General Meeting: If you want to learn more about WIAM,
please attend our annual general meeting on Wednesday, March 7 at 6:00
p.m. in Salon A, 2nd Floor, 350 Albert Street (corner of Kent and
Albert), in Ottawa.  We will begin the evening with a reception serving
food and drinks and will start the main meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Thanks for your interest in supporting local awareness about global
and social justice issues!

Maria Calleja & Ian Scott
1-278 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa, ON,  K1N 6M1

Tel: (613) 565-8498

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