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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Presentation: The "other side" of Parks


UPCOMING: JAN 3rd, 2001
Starts 7pm
Sandy Hill Community Centre - Games Room
250 Somerset E. near King Edward Ave., close to Ottawa

Dick Stanley from Parks Canada - The "Other Side" of
There is no doubt that as Canadians, we love our
parks. Summer, on through winter, we seek refuge in
these specials places ... sometimes in great numbers. 
Not only are these parks good for our souls, they
contribute to our national economy as well!  Dick
Stanley is an expert on the economics of parks and
protected areas in Canada.

Algonquin to Adirondacks - the story and motivation
behind this amazing initiative!

This is an exciting time for the Algonquin to
Adirondacks Conservation initiative (A2A). Algonquin
and Adirondack parks are two of the largest and oldest
core protected areas in eastern North America, but we
know that habitat connections across broad landscapes
are critical to ensure that these two great parks do
not become isolated islands of extinction. Fortunately
the landscape between the two parks, centred on the
rugged country of the Frontenac Axis, still provides a
functional ecological link.

CPAWS-OV is a leader among a growing network of
individuals and organizations that recognize the
important role of this landscape in maintaining
continental biodiversity and are working together on
the A2A Initiative. A2A seeks to restore, enhance, and
maintain ecological connectivity, ecosystem function,
and native biodiversity, while respecting sustainable
human land uses, in the distinctive region of Ontario
and New York State that lies between and embraces
Algonquin and Adirondack Parks.

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