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A Happy New Year to everybody!

In Toronto, the following worshops/political education sessions have been
organized to set the tone for the upcoming year's political work.

Could something like this be organized for Ottawa, perhaps with the
Rebuilding the Left people who operate here in the city.

Martha Harnecker, a brilliant Marxist ideologue who has resided in Cuba for
the last 20 or so years, will be in Ottawa in late February/Early March.
Perhaps we could take advantage of her visit for a local event such as this

All the best


Kick off the New Year with a day of political workshops
sponsored by the New Socialist Group. Arm your mind.
Prepare for the struggles 2001 will throw at us.
Saturday January 6th 2001
519 Community Centre
519 Church St.

A Peoples History of Fighting Back
12 - 1:45 pm
New Socialist Group members and guests (tba) outline and analyze
inspiring history lessons not taught in school. A crucial primer
for those intent on making some history of their own.

Reading Relations, Mapping the Intersection
2 - 3:30 pm
Himani Bannerji, author of The Dark Side of the Nation and Thinking
Through, discusses the intersecting relations of race, class and gender.
Revolutionary dot-connecting fun.

Popular Writing About Unpopular Ideas
3:45 - 5:00 pm
Naomi Klein, author of No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies and
Globe and Mail columnist, hosts a workshop to develop activist writing
and communication skills. Red ink, Black ink, Green ink, Pink ink

For more information about "New Years Revolutions" workshops contact the
New Socialist Group at 969-3209
Childcare subsidy available with prior notice.

Post workshop social
Anti-Racist Action invites participants to the 2nd annual Urban Culture
Jam  3 floors of live acts including hip-hop, ska, and house music at
the Big Bop (Queen and Bathurst).  Discounted tickets will be sold at
New Years Revolutions workshops.
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