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[OPIRG-EVENTS] feb. 1, 4: baobab benefit concert & dinner (fwd)

Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 15:22:11 -0500
From: Kathy Armstrong&Rory Magill <krdrum@sympatico.ca>
Subject: Gala Dinner + Concert

Baobab Tree..... where community energy meets global spirit

Gala Dinner & Silent Auction
Traditional West African Dinner & entertainment
at the residence of His Excellency the High Commissioner for Ghana
with special guest, master drummer Kwasi Dunyo

Thursday Feb 1, 6pm
Tickets $100 ($75 tax deductible)
limited number available, order now 725-6994
Proceeds will benefit Baobab Youth Performers trip to Ghana July 2001

Sunday February 4th 7:30pm
First Unitarian Congregation (30 Cleary Ave)
Special guest master drummer Kwasi Dunyo from Ghana
& Kanata Children's Chorus directed by Jackie Hawley
featuring Akpokli Drum & Dance Ensemble & Baobab Youth Performers
reception to follow in aid of the village of Dagbamete, Ghana

Adults $12
under 12 $7
under 5 free
at the door or in advance (starting Jan 16)
Ottawa Folklore Centre 1111 Bank St
Ten Thousand Villages  371 Richmond Rd

info 725-6994

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