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External Job Posting 
Community Garden Network (CGN) Coordinator
Part-time contract position: approximately104 days (average 2.5
days/week for 42 weeks)*
*(exact number of days subject to verification based on most recent
financial information)

The CGN is a collective of representatives from established and planned
community gardens and partner organizations who work to support and
promote community gardening in the City of Ottawa.  The CGN is looking
for an enthusiastic, energetic Coordinator who will be able to help
community gardening to grow across the city.  The Coordinator provides
direct support to CGN members for the planning, establishment and
operation of community gardens, and provides leadership and support to
the Network in activities which will strengthen community gardening
across Ottawa (e.g. raising profile of community gardening, developing
policies and structures to support community gardening).

Duties and Responsibilities
 	Provides leadership and coordination to assist the CGN in
accomplishing its workplan
 	Provides necessary material, organizational and political support to
established community gardens, as well as to groups who wish to start
new community gardens  
 	Facilitates resource sharing amongst community gardens 
 	Supports the CGN in providing input into an official community garden
policy with a larger food security committee and the City of Ottawa
 	Maintains and develops an effective network of contacts and resources
within and outside the City of Ottawa  
 	Supports the CGN in developing a long-term fundraising strategy
 	Organizes educational workshops on organic and community gardening as
well as useful resource materials
 	Creates and maintains general promotional materials for the CGN, which
could include pamphlets, photo albums, media releases, etc. 
 	Promotes and raises awareness of community gardens through local
media, at relevant events, with partner or potential partner
organizations and with interested community members
 	Coordinates the collection and organization of information from
individual gardens
 	Performs administrative duties to support the work of the CGN (e.g.
maintaining accurate financial information)

 	Strong leadership skills
 	Strong group facilitation and coordination skills
 	Strong networking skills 
 	Strong presentation skills
 	Strong written and spoken English; strong ability in spoken French
 	Experience working with diverse populations
  	 	An ability to work with cooperatively and simultaneously with the
grassroots level and municipal government  
  	 	Basic knowledge of and interest in gardening 
  	 	Initiative, resourcefulness and problem-solving
 	   	Knowledge of computer programs, including WordPerfect and graphics
  	 	Strong interpersonal skills
  	 	Ability to work flexible hours

Please send cover letter and resumes by January 19, 2001, 4:00 p.m. to:
Ken Hoffman, Director of Community Health Promotion
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
221 Nelson Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 1C7
Fax: (613) 789-4086
E-mail: khoffman@sandyhillchc.on.ca
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