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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Montreal: not the usual globalization conference

> Concordia University Teach-in on Jan. 26, 27 & 28
> 1455 de Maisonneuve West, Concordia University
> Not the Usual Globalization Conference
> The Teach-in on │Globalization in the Americas▓ that will be taking over
> Concordia University╣s Hall Building for the weekend of January 26-28
> offers a lot more than the standard defense of the nation-state from the
> ravages of economic globalization and its attendant trade agreements like
> the FTAA.
> Many panels and workshops will be highly critical of present organizing
> efforts in order to advance the anti-globalization agenda in a decidedly
> anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-sexist direction.
> Consider the warning of teach-in participant, community organizer and
> former Black Panther, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin:
> "I believe that the history of the 20th century has been that of the
> struggles of people of colour against colonial powers, and although we are
> in a post-colonial world, racism is still very much an essential
> ingredient of the capitalist world order. I think that movements for
> social change in this 21st century will make a decisive mistake if they do
> not recognize that fact. They will create a middle-class, "white rights"
> movement which will not elevate the masses of the world's peoples."
> Ervin will be speaking on Friday╣s opening panel in Concordia╣s H-110
> auditorium and participating in the series of workshops called │The
> Colours of Resistance▓.
> Other workshop series include:
> │Gender and Globalization▓
> │Native Sovereignty▓
> │Art and Revolution▓
> │Privatization of Education▓

> For more information contact David Bernans (514)848-7970
> research@csu.tao.ca.

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