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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sharia and Western media: CHUO interview

WHAT:  An interview with Sheema Khan, board chair of
the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Canada, on
Islamic law and how it is portrayed in Canadian media.

WHEN:  5 p.m.-6 p.m. on CHUO, January 29 (today) 89.1
FM, this week's edition of Demockery's Demize, one of
the University of Ottawa's alternative news sources 

For your commuting or kitchen radio pleasure, today's
broadcast of Demockery's Demize includes a look at the
media coverage of what happened in northern Nigeria,
where an Islamic court carried out the caning of a
17-year-old woman for extra-marital sex.  The
discussion with Ms. Khan includes a broader commentary
on myths and misunderstandings about Islam borne by

Sorry for the last-minute notice.  Hope you can tune 
in !


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