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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FW: Introduction to Socially Responsible Investment

Due to the hospitality of the Ottawa- Carleton Catholic School Board
which has agreed to run a lecture series on Ethical Investing we will
hold a theme evening "Introducing Socially Responsible Investing" at
Immaculata School, 140 Main St, Ottawa, Mon. Jan. 12th at 7 p.m. This
will include a talk by the undersigned and a viewing of "Sex. Lies and
the Global Economy, Part 1", a film about the work of feminist economist
Marilyn Warring, formerly New Zealand's finance minister.
Please bring or send any friends and family new to the idea of SRI. To
register for the $40 course on the following 4 Mondays call the Board
office at 228-3338.
To attend free on the 12th RSVP 819-684-7773

Kind Regards,

Ahti Tolvanen


I have started work on a web page for the Capital SRI Ethical Investing
Group by putting up an introductory text on SRI at
www.investor.homestead.com preliminary to our drafting of investment
club criteria as discussed last time. This needs further review before
going "public". Please look it over and send your comments.  

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