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[OPIRG-EVENTS] important event tonight

Please  brave the weather and join us tonight

Friday February 9, 7pm
Community Forum with Jack Layton, Barbara Murphy & Bud Osborn

WHERE: Centretown Community Health Centre (420 Cooper St. btwn Kent and 
Bank St)

Today's homelessness in Canadian communities represents a relatively new 
phenomenon, difficult to comprehend in this land and time of plenty.  How 
did this happen?   What can be done to solve it?  Octopus Books has 
organized a Community Forum with voices from Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, 
the three hubs of homelessness in Canada.
Let's talk openly about the issue at this Community Forum.  The
key players in this important event will be:

Jack Layton, author of Homelessness (Penguin Books) is one of this
country's leading experts and outspoken activists on housing issues, and
addresses the crisis from its roots, in order not only to understand the
problem, but to find workable solutions.  He is also a Toronto City
Councillor and well-known for his work in poverty and homelessness issues.

Barbara Murphy, author of On the Street: How We Created the Homeless
(Gordon Shillingford Publishing) is a social policy consultant in Ottawa.

Bud Osborn, author of Hundred Block Rock (Arsenal Pulp Press) is a
Vancouver poet and activist.  Bud Osborn has experienced living on the
streets in downtown Vancouver and has overcome drug addictions.  He now 
uses his voice to influence and educate others and continue the struggle to 
end poverty.

Hugh Armstrong, author of numerous books of Canadian Health Care issues and 
professor of Social Work at Carleton University will act as Moderator for 
the forum.

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