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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Radical Cheerleading


first off, i wanna apoligize for my longstanding silence on the issue of
the upcoming radical cheerleading conference. i've been ever so busy
scheduling and tweaking and organizing. BUT, I WANT YOU TO KNOW IT'S
ON!!! the conference'll be from march 23 to 25 at carleton university in

i'm totally overwhelmed by the response we've had! the numbers just keep
getting bigger and bigger bigger. i didn't even know that there were
this many rc squads in north america!??!

so, here's the deal, i have a suspicious feeling that we're going to
have a HUGE turnout for this conference and for this reason, i wanna get
as many people as possible to send a confirmation of their attendance.
if you've already done it, thanks and ignore this part of the message,
but if you haven't, please send me yer snail mail address so that we can
get you a whack of registration packages fer you and all yer cute
radical friends!

we've had a rush of people who want to do workshops and soon we won't
have any more time slots left to fit in new workshops, so if you have
ideas and you want to do a session on something to do with radical
cheering, activism in general, some sorta do-it-yerself thing or issues
specific to ftaa organizing, i need to know in the next two weeks. write
me back sooooon and i'll set it up fer you!

so far, we'll be having the following workshops:

radical choreography
rad tools and props
covert action
anti-globalization action and teach-in
anti-sweatshop action
stunts and safety
community networking
wooing the media
building a cheering team
smash capitalism! do it yerself...bike repair, silk screening, washable
reuseable menstrual pads,
                                                herbal remedies etc.
starting a zine
legal training for protests
organizing yer workplace
colours of resistance
non-violence training
political theatre

...and hopefully there'll be a few more to come!! rah rah rah!!

so get yer info into me and we'll get you set up. we're building a free
billeting system here in ottawa and we're also supplying free vegan food
for snacks on friday night, lunch and dinner on saturday and breakfast
on sunday. we'll have a live show at the opening party on the campus on
friday and we're working on getting some entertainment for you all on
the saturday night.

but before we go out on saturday night, i want to get all the squads and
cool individuals together to teach each other the anti-ftaa cheers we've
come up with so far. so, that's a project for all you to get on top
of...make up some wicked cheers in english or french so we have
something to teach each other to prepare for the ftaa protest in quebec
city in april!! imagine how rad it would be if all us cheerleaders
showed up in april knowing the same cheers???

also, because we've already had a couple requests from faraway folks,
the travel subsidy we had is now dried up, so i hope that everyone can
find enough funding to be able to get up here on their own.

talk to you soon!
kate...in ottawa...where we know R is for radical!!
(613) 520-2712

ps:     if you don't want to be on this list anymore, please contact me
and tell me so : )
pps:   could someone please forward this to the radical cheerleading
listserv, i don't seem to be able
         to post on it.

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