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[OPIRG-EVENTS] wed.on click here:blk. history mo.

Tune in to Click here Wednesday at 5 pm, on CHUO-FM89, for a chance to
meet participants in a Generational Dialogue taking place this Saturday as
part of Black History Month. Also, Jonathon Dewar, N.B. native
literature scholar, who will be participating in a panel discussion at St.
Paul's University this Thursday.

Click here is a one hour interview-based programme broadcast on CHUO-FM89 
Wednesdays at 5 pm. It deals with the arts, socio-political issues, and 
community events, and includes the Beyond Borders multicultural and 
development feature (with Faruq Faisel of South Asia Partnership).

You can find out more about Click here by checking out our web site at 

Mitchell Caplan
Click here

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