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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: Fiction Reading Tonight!

Remember to join us this evening for a reading.

Octopus Books, Tesseract Books and Newest Press invite you to a different 
kind of reading!
Thursday, Feb 15 we have two Edmonton authors coming to read from their 

Candas Jane Dorsey is the author of Vanilla and Other Stories:

"I'm completely free to do whatever I choose.  There are no 
consequences.  None at all.  Everything can happen just as I want it to 
happen.  There are no barriers.  I can be courageous if I want.  I can be 
as free as my wildest dreams."

Timothy J. Anderson is the author of Resisting Adonis.

  "Resisting Adonis is a hard-edge and darkly comic novel.  Here, the 
streets are peopled by mute Lepers, Saskatchewan belongs to the First 
Nations, and the interwoven personal stories of a cast of star-crossed 
misfits are played against a back drop of international tension."

Two authors, two books, two readings, all in one evening with wine and 
cheese and good folks.

Join us! Thursday Feb 15 7:30 pm
Octopus Books
116 Third Ave. at the corner of Bank ST in the Glebe
233-2589 phone if you have questions!
wheelchair accessible, although the bathroom is not. 

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