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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Dam Group fundraiser: Plant and Octopus's Garden: order your bulbs now!

The Dam-Reservoir Working Group is having our twice yearly fundraising

Here's how it works:
Buy some lovely and guaranteed for life 
Breck's Dutch bulbs from the Dam-Reservoir 
Working Group : 50% of proceeds go to our
working group to help support our work 
protecting aquatic habitats.

Breck's will replace any bulbs which fail to grow as expected.
Complete planting charts - many types of very high quality bulbs

So PLANT AN OCTOPUS's GARDEN and help us save aquatic habitat from the 
horrors of over-the-top water "development". Are you concerned about 
consuming enough fish to fend off heart disease? Yet another reason
to support our group who are fighting to preserve and restore aquatic habitat.

The money will be used to bring in speakers and get the word out to 
the public about how profligate water development and playing around
with the natural hydrological flow outside natural hard physical limits.

Support the Dam Group, our Project Pisces conservation initiative and
our website by prchasing some of these fine an beautiful bulbs.

The bulbs are delivered in time for spring planting. 

ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 12th, to allow for processing time.

Call 520-2757 and leave a message and one of our  team will call you back.
Or better still, email me for more info!  :-)

One caveat: people in the DRWG currently lack a car so delivery is not 
possible.  We will hav a central pickup point and can fax you the
information on the flower bulbs available.

Prices range from 15.00 to 25.00 onn your order, depending on your 
selection of bulb sets and mixtures.

Help us preserve this watery planet from the bottom of the foodweb up...

buy some bulbs to cheer up your summer.

All bulbs are summer to fall blooming for *this* year - plant in spring
and see the flowers by summer.

For more information or to place an order email me!


Dianne Murray
Coordinator, Dam-Reservoir Working Group, OPIRG-Carleton	
Webmistress, Dam-Reservoir Information & Impact Archive
listserv-owner/manager, dam-l

Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

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