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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Invitation to Latin American Peña: Feb.24

The Ottawa region Latin American Musicians Collective,

A Tribute to
and the
Latin American Woman
* An evening of Latin American popular songs
Saturday, February 24, 2001
Sacre Famille Church, 152 Glenora Ave.
Entrance cost: $ 7

All proceeds will be sent to Chile to assist in the campaign for the
liberation of Marcela Rodriguez*, Chilean political prisoner.

Violeta Parra is considered an icon of the Latin American popular song and a
symbol  the Latin American woman. Her songs have influenced many of the
artists of the Latin American movement that would follow her.

* Marcela Rodgriguez, 47, was detained on November 14, 1990 by Chilean
military police while assisting in the rescue of Marcos Ariel Antonioletti,
militant of the Mapu Lautaro, political prisoner since the time of
Pinochet's dictatorship. The Chilean security forces left her irreversibly
paralized rendering 75% of her body immobilized. She has had to be
hospitalized more than 20 times and her quality of life has deteriorated
dramatically due to her not receiving adequate medical attention.

Chile's Catholic Episcopal Conference has petitioned the Senate Human Rights
Commission to include Marcela's case in the list of prisoners who would
receive amnesty for humanitarian reasons due to serious illness.

The Peña Canción con Todos joins the international solidarity campaign and
the Catholic Church demanding respect for human rights in Chile, by
expressing moral, political and material support for the cause of Marcela's
life and freedom.

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