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[OPIRG-EVENTS] volunteering for parks and protected areas

hi folks
this might be of interest to you

CPAWS Volunteer Fair
Mar 7th, 2001
Starts 7pm
Sandy Hill Community Centre - Conference Room
250 Somerset E. near King Edward Ave., close to Ottawa

SLIDESHOW: Canada's Parks - From Coast to Coast

Skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, hiking or simply
strolling through our precious parks and wild areas.
There is no doubt, that living in Ottawa is perfect
for those of us who love nature.  

The Ottawa Valley Chapter of Canadian Parks and
Wilderness Society (CPAWS) will be holding a
"Volunteer Fair" on March 7th, 7pm, at the Sandy Hill
Community Centre.  This will be a great opportunity
for nature lovers to spring into action and get
involved with parks and protected areas locally, and
across Canada.

You will hear of CPAW'S successes and plans for the
future, as well as the rewards of volunteering with
CPAWS first hand, from new and long time volunteers. 
There will also be ample opportunities to mix, mingle
and chat, one-on-one, with CPAWS staff and board
members and volunteers.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is
Canada's grassroots voice for wilderness. Our mission
is to establish new parks protected areas, and make
sure nature comes first in their management. Since
1963, CPAWS has played a key role in saving over
300,000 sq.km. of Canada's spectacular wildlands.
Built from the ground up, we have ten chapters across
the country, where people passionate about nature can
get actively involved.

The Ottawa Valley/Outaouais Chapter was founded in
1969 when a group of people organized to oppose large
scale development plans for Gatineau Park in the
Outaouais. The Gatineau Park we know today is very
much a result of their vision and activism.

------------  CONTACT INFORMATION  -----------------
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Ottawa Valley
Chapter/Section vallée de l'Outaouais
880 Wellington Street, Suite 506 (B)  Ottawa, ON   K1R
Telephone:  (613) 232-7297    Fax:  (613) 232-2030
Executive Director: Jean Langlois  Email:

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