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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Another SAP Canada Brown Bag Lunch - March 13, 2001

Apologies for cross-posting.  Please feel free to circulate this invitation.
The attachments are the same as the announcment below.

invites you to a seminar

Security Challenges in South Asia and
Constraints for Regional Cooperation

presented by
Dr. Pramod Mishra
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Fellow in Humanities and Associate
Professor, Political Science, Delhi University, India.

On Tuesday, March 13, 2001
At 12:00-14:00
In Room 202  (Conference Room)
1 Nicholas St., Ottawa, ON

This is a special opportunity to listen to an analysis of South Asian
security issues, by a regional expert, and participate in a discussion about
the issue.

Dr Mishra has specialised in South Asian society, culture, politics and
foreign policy. He has also worked in the area of global issues and
South-South cooperation.

He has been teaching South Asian politics and foreign policy at Delhi
University for 15 years. In 1999, he was the Fullbright Visiting Professor
on South Asian Studies to the University of West Florida, Pensacola, USA.

Dr Mishra is studying Canadian First Nations' issues as a Shastri Fellow in

To RSVP contact Judy Stott at jstott@sapcanada.org; ph: 241-1333 ext. 221
Don't forget to bring your lunch!

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