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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Apr.6-7 - Montreal water conference (fwd)

 TO WHOM DOES WATER BELONG? Water and free-trade agreements

A conference to be held in Montreal
April 6-7, 2001.

The global management of our most precious resource is currently being
negotiated strictly within the context of trade agreements. 

Who is allowed input into these decisions?  
Who is profiting from our water resources?
Are they managing water in the interest of profit,  or of conservation and
What impact is this having on human and environmental health?
What are people throughout the Americas doing about it?

Speakers will include - 
Riccardo Petrella of the International Committee fora World Water Contract,
Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians 
and many more. 

Organized by Enviro-ACT, GRIP UQAM, QPIRG McGill, ACME, the Urban
Ecology Center, Alternatives and the Council of Canadians.

Come find out more about how the FTAA will potentially impact on water.

for more information contact Amanda at (514) 398-7432 or

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