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[OPIRG-EVENTS] job posting

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:20:45 -0500
From: llgreen@superaje.com ("Susan Brandum")
Subject: Job Posting: LL Green Pesticide campaign co-ordinator

Hello all;

Here is a job posting for a Pesticide Campaign Co-ordinator for the =
Rideau Environmental Action League and the Lanark & Leeds Green =
Community. I'd appreciate it if you could forward it or post it to =
respective web sites as you see fit.=20

For more information on REAL go to www.environmentalaction.bizland.com =
and on LL Green's Pesticide Free Naturally campaign, including results =
from last year, go to=20

Information on our coming Pesticide Free Naturally workshops on March 24 =
(Kemptville), 31 (Smiths Falls) and April 3 (Perth), will soon be =

Thank you
Sue Brandum

Pesticide Free Naturally Campaign Co-ordinator and Administrative =
for the=20
The Rideau Environmental Action League
The Lanark & Leeds Green Community=20
Location: east of Ottawa, Lanark and Leeds and Grenville counties
Time frame: April 2, to Oct. 26, 2001
Salary: $413/week
Must be EI eligible (or have collected EI in the past 3 years/5 years =
for parental leave)
Submit covering letter and resume by March 21 to llgreen@superaje.com or =
fax to 613/267-2390

The Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL) and it's project the =
Lanark & Leeds Green Community (LL Green) are very active, environmental =
organizations which deliver projects in the small towns, rural areas and =
watersheds of Lanark and Leeds and Grenville counties. We deliver:=20
- the EnerGuide for Houses in the region from Petawawa to Cornwall to =
- the Pesticide Free Naturally Campaign with our invaluable partners in =
Kemptville, Perth, Almonte and elsewhere=20
- a Re-use Centre in Smiths Falls=20
- the regional Pathways to Rural Sustainability conference=20
- key players in the Rideau River Roundtable and the Tay Watershed =
- Evergreen Avenue in Smiths Falls=20
- the Rural and Small Town Ecological Footprint=20
- information and actions to encourage residents of our area to reduce =
their impact on the environment

Position Responsibilities:=20
- organize, promote, and manage the delivery of the Pesticide Free =
Naturally campaign, including working with partners to meet their needs, =
under the supervision of the LL Green manager.=20
- provide general administrative assistance to REAL and LL Green=20
- market and promote other programs, especially at summer weekend events =

- assist in researching and writing fundraising proposals=20

Skills and Assets Required:=20
- developed knowledge of environmental issues, particularly pesticide =
issues and organic alternatives
- developed experience in promoting social change, such as social =
- post-secondary education in environmental studies, science, marketing, =
or communications=20
- knowledge of Lanark and Leeds and Grenville counties and Rideau River =
- marketing, promotion and communications skills=20
- ability to work from home with a computer, fax and phone=20
- self-motivated=20
- own car=20
- ability to promote programs at weekend events=20

Skills Desired:=20
- hobby gardener
- fundraising experience or an interest in developing such skills=20
- an interest in creating ongoing work for yourself through fundraising.

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