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[OPIRG-EVENTS] THURSDAY, 7 PM: Colombia's Invisible Struggles Tour


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Colombia's Invisible Struggles on tour in Canada

Close Encounters with Colombia's Popular Struggles in
Ottawa: Thursday March 15 at the University of Ottawa, Alumni Auditorium @7:00

Invisible Struggles

Colombia's 4-decade long civil war is rendering invisible social movements
with innovative and courageous proposals for peace and social
transformation. They have become targets of systematic violence,
disappearances and forced displacement.

The Invisible Struggles Tour aims at making visible the diverse popular
efforts for social transformation that persist despite the context of war
and repression and build the foundations for lasting solidarity.

Maria del Pilar Cordoba:

Representing Ruta Pacifica de Mujeres (Women's Path to Peace), a national
social movement dedicated to the achievement of social transformation and
peace through non-violent struggles; awardee of the first UNIFEM Millennium
Peace Award.

Dora Guzman:

From Barrancabermeja's Organizacion Femenina Popular (OFP) - Women's Popular
Organization, a grassroots organization working to build self-reliance among
Barranca's most marginalized communities. Since January, 2001 the OFP has
been under direct threat by the paramilitary-military forces.

Ezequiel Vitoná Talanga:

Indigenous leader from Cauca province in southern Colombia and one of the
leaders of the Nasa project, an adult and higher education initiative that
is graduating native students in their own territories, based on their own
culture (UNESCO award).

Carlos Rosero:

National leader of the Autonomous Afrocolombian movement, the Proceso de
Comunidades Negras (PCN) of Colombia and spokesperson for the anti-racist
movement in Latin America.

Patricia Buriticá

Leader of CUT the largest union federation in Colombia and member of the
National Co-ordination Committee of Frente Social y Politico, a democratic
left mass movement in Colombia. Since 2000, more than 120 trade union
leaders have been assassinated in Colombia, representing 60% of all union
leaders assassinated in the world.

Agustin Reyes:

Founder of ASOPRICOR, the peasant association of the Tocaima region and
coordinator of the national peasant movement for Comunidades y Territorios
de Paz (Communities and Territories for Peace).

The mounting crisis in Colombia is destroying cultures, people, and futures

Learn About It, Change It, Build Solidarity

Learn about Plan Colombia, displacement and development, peace and conflict,
the environment  based on the diverse perspectives of longstanding
social movements and organizations from Indigenous, AfroColombian, Women,
Campesino and Union movements and organizations

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The Latin American Solidarity Conference website can be found at

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