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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Militarism and Globalization, with Steve Staples, March 27

                                          please distribute this widely!
Join us for a talk by Steve Staples on 
"Confronting Globalization and Militarism"

WHO?     Steven Staples
Chair, International Network on Disarmament and Globalization 
Issue Campaigns Coordinator, Council of Canadians

WHAT?    A talk on: "Confronting Globalization and Militarism"
From the Free Trade Area of the Americas to the World Trade Organization
and NATO, global economic and war alliances are working against the ability
of people to create communities that are based on social justice and
environmental sustainability. Economic globalization protects the interests
of transnational corporations and weapons makers, and blocks the efforts of
people to work for peace.  

WHEN?    Tuesday, March 27, 2001 (8 p.m.)

WHERE?   91A Fourth Ave., Ottawa
(just east of Bank St, in the Glebe)
(Friends Meeting House)


And..... we're having a POTLUCK DINNER too! (same evening, same location)

So...  please join us for a potluck dinner at 6 pm., before Steve's talk

Steve and his wife Carolyn Hyslop are new to Ottawa, having recently moved
from Vancouver. Their little baby boy is new to the world! 
Please join us in welcoming them all with some warm Ottawa hospitality!


More about Steve:
Steven Staples is the Chair of the International Network on Disarmament and
Globalization, a network of activists and researchers in more than thirty
countries who are concerned about the new global economy and the need for
peace, disarmament, and the funding of human needs. The network was
established at the Hague Appeal for Peace in 1999.

He is also the Issue Campaigns Coordinator for the Council of Canadians, a
citizens' organization dedicated to opposing corporate rule and promoting
social justice and democracy. The Council of Canadians is the largest
citizens' group in Canada, with 100,000 members.

Steve has dedicated himself to exposing the links between globalization and
militarism, and how globalization promotes war  - as well as the production
of weapons to wage it. He speaks to audiences in the US, Canada, and
Europe, most recently the World meeting of Abolition 2000 in Tahiti, the
Hague Appeal for Peace in the Netherlands, the Association of Asian
Parliaments for Peace founding meeting in Bangladesh, the civil society
events in Seattle during the WTO, the Arms Trade Study Group of the Council
on Foreign Relations in Washington D.C., and peace conferences in Canada,
Russia, and Spain.

He has produced two video documentaries, his articles are published in the
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' journal, the Monitor, and he makes
regular appearances on Canada's national news media on issues of foreign
policy and globalization. 


This event is organized by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade. 

For more information, call 613-231-3076.

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