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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FTAA related radio

Hey people,

Tune in tomorrow (thrusday) morning to Special Blend on CKCU 93.1
from 7:00-8:00 for the follwing interviews regarding the upcoming FTAA

* Jean Ribochaud, Tactical Intervention Unit, Med Eng Corporation (7:05)

Jean will talk about the crowd management, military and humanitarian
demining and the Med Eng philosophy on conflict resoultion. He will also
talk about the police armour that Med Eng makes for crowd management
purposes similar to the upcoming protests. Med Eng is the number seller of
bomb deflection and demining armour in the world.

* Paul Marsh, Sargeant, RCMP (7:45)

Paul will talk about the RCMP philospophy on protests, responses to police
brutality, officer training and the police's responsibility to the
governemnt versus to the citizenry.

* A Deeper look at the FTAA (7:30) with....TBA

Also, some great revolutionary music and spoken word.

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