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'The Ottawa Coalition to Stop the FTAA' 
'Rights Action'   present

A Speaking Tour with
Berta Caceres: Honduran Activist
Dan Fireside: Rights Action Campaigner


2pm. - 5 pm.  Talk and Discussion on the effects of NAFTA
Location: Auditorium of The Ottawa Public Library
Contact: Paul - 761-1724

6 pm. - A potluck dinner and welcome (Spanish-speaking event)
7 pm. - An evening of music,  poetry, and friendship.
Location: St. Joseph's Oblate Centre, 153 Laurier Ave.
Contact: Sonia - 748-6574


1pm. - 4pm. - A film on globalization and a discussion on the 
       poverty and repression resulting from NAFTA
Location: Carleton University (room to be announced)
Contact: Kate - 520-2712

7pm. - 10pm. - A panel discussion at Ottawa University on
      "Free trade in Honduras and the poor majority"
Location: Alumni Auditorium at the University of Ottawa
Contact: Paul - 761-1724

(please note we have had to cancel the Sunday event at Ste. Famille

Berta Caceres is a leader among the Lenca people in La Esperanza,
department of Intibuca, Honduras. She is a co-founder of COPINH, the
Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations, Honduras. COPINH
organizes Lenca people and others in the Departments of Intibuca,
Lempira and La Paz, to work for their community-controlled
development and human rights, with a particular focus on indigenous
and women's rights. Berta is also active in CONPAH, the Confederation
of Autochthonous Peoples of Honduras, a coalition of Indigenous and
Afro-Caribbean organizations defending the rights of indigenous
Honduran peoples.

Dan Fireside, a project manager in Rights Action's Guatemala City
office, has worked for peace and social justice in the Americas for
over a decade. In addition to holding a B.A. in Latin American
Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz, he has
worked and studied for several years in Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico,
and has traveled extensively in the rest of Latin America.  For over
three years he worked at NISGUA, a Washington, DC-based human rights
advocacy organization focusing on Guatemala.

More Information
http://www.rightsaction.org       http://www.flora.org/ftaa
<psmith@web.ca>     Paul (613) 761-1724

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