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[OPIRG-EVENTS] LET X = X: TONIGHT! beneath the surface: water export and other issues


Well, it's wildlife week, and timewise we are right in between International
Water Day and Earth Day which just happens to fall smack in the midst of
the FTAA summit in Quebec City.

Tonight Let X = X, CKCU-FM's science and technology show presents
a live interview with Jamie Linton, researcher and expert on trade 
and the environment, and author of Beneath the Surface, The State of 
Water In Canada.  Linton is a former editor of Canadian Water Watch and 
was a member of thhe Rawson Academy of Aquatic Sciences.

So tune in and hear about water export and other issues.
Featuring a tune by local triple threat musician Terry Tufts.

There will also be a  small item on Frogwatch - a way you can get involved 
and show your support for these amphibians under siege.

So tune in from 6 to 6:30 pm as Dan Smythe of the CKCU Science Collectiive
interviews Jamie Linton on what lies beneath - the surface of  water 
issues in Canada that is!

*This show is dedicated to everyone going to Quebec City for the FTAA and the
*P7 or People's summit, whether you'll be there in body or  spirit.

Science is sexy, science is silly,  science can be downright scary.
Get the goods on with LET X = X: the lowdown on science and technology.

Live in audio and webcast!

So give it a go... ;)

-Dianne Murray
Senior Producer
Let X = X, science with an edge, on CKCU-FM 93.1
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