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[OPIRG-EVENTS] wed. april 11: enviro protest at td bank

(feel free to forward to friends)

hi everyone,

this is just a reminder about a protest, coming up soon...

wednesday, april 11 @ noon outside the td bank at elgin & somerset.

this is part of an international day of action to raise awareness
about banks' support of environmentally destructive corporations.
in canada, forest action network has called for protests at td bank
because it supports interfor, a logging company that is clearcutting 
the great bear rainforest.

protests will take place in cities across canada - including 
vancouver, calgary, edmonton, winnipeg, regina, toronto, montreal 
and ottawa.

for background info about td bank & interfor, see <www.fanweb.org>.

for info about the protest in ottawa, call mike @ 567-7244 / 520-2757.
we'll be making placards & banners tonight, call for location.
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