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[OPIRG-EVENTS] questions about Quebec City on April 20 -22?

The Ottawa Coalition to Stop the FTAA - Outreach Committee  is hoping to 
answer these questions and provide a forum for you to connect with other 
We are hosting an informal gathering to connect people who want to attend 
the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City on April 20-22 in order to voice 
our concerns regarding both the undemocratic nature of the FTAA agreement 
negotiations and the potentially devastating impacts of these negotations 
on peoples throughout the Americas.
This meeting will provide an opportunity  to  organize  transportation and 
accommodation and of equal importance, to connect with other people who are 
going, want to go, thinking about going...(this means you)
This is an opportunity to mingle with other Quebec-bound folks - if you 
have an affinity group and are looking for more members, this is for you; 
if you don't know what an affinity group is this is for you too!

WHERE: - First United Church - 397 Kent Street
WHEN: - Tuesday, April 17th  (7:00 pm-9:00 pm?)
Contact - Aaron at  hofferaaron@hotmail.com or 736-8016
or octopusbooks@cyberus.ca or the store 233-2589

please post and distribute widely

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