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[OPIRG-EVENTS] May 2 - Bruce House fundraiser

Forward this to all your friends who might need an excuse to eat out!

On Wednesday May 2nd, 2001, the people of Ottawa, the Outaouais and 
 Toronto are invited to participate in "A Taste for Life". This event 
 asks restaurants from every neighbourhood and in every price range to 
 donate 25% of their gross proceeds of the evening to Bruce House, Fife 
 House and The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation. 

 We need your help to ensure that "A Taste for Life" is a success. 
 Please take a moment or two to look at our event website: 

 How can you help us? 
 a.. Forward this message within your workplace, to your friends and 
 colleagues and encourage them to pass this on to their contacts. If you 
 belong to or administer e-mail lists or discussion groups, you can 
 pass on this message and the event url. 
 b.. Personally support this event by choosing a participating restaurant 
 and dining out on May 2nd. You might arrange to dine out  with a group 
 of friends. Encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same. 
 c.. Adopt a Restaurant and pledge to fill it on the evening of the 
 If you decide to organize groups to dine out, please contact us. It  helps 
 us make sure that all of our participating restaurants are frequented. 

 In Ottawa: brucehouse@on.aibn.com or admin@snowyowl.org 
 In Toronto: info@fifehouse.org 

 I hope that you will help us. It is only with the success of events like 
 "A Taste for Life" that we are able to continue to provide education, 
 supportive housing and compassionate care to those in our community 
 with   HIV and AIDS. 
Keith Duncanson, Development Assistant, Bruce House

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