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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Mon.Apr16,10pm + - "This is What Democracy Looks like"

CBC NEWSWORLD is playing the movie 
                          THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE

on The Passionate Eye 
Apr 16, 2001
MONDAY, 10 pm EDT  /  repeats 1 AM EDT (10 pm in B.C.)


'This is What Democracy Looks Like' weaves together gripping video from 
100 cameras to tell the real story of what happened in the streets of Seattle
during the 1999 World Trade Organization (WTO) protests. With more cameras
on the street than any other media organization, the Independent
Media Center (IMC) coordinated hundreds of media activists and collected
more than 300  hours of video footage during the WTO protests. 

The film cuts through the confusion and tear gas to paint an
intimate, passionate portrait of a week that changed the world.
This is What Democracy Looks Like captures the raw energy of the 
WTO protests, while clarifying their global and historic significance.

"In the weeks leading up to the WTO protest there was this sense that
Seattle was going to be huge," says co-director Jill Freidberg, "and
we knew we couldn't count on the corporate media to accurately 
represent the events of the week or the issues at stake. 

So, the Independent Media Center was created to provide a media 
production infrastructure though which 100s of media activists could
offer different perspectives on the events of the week, using satellite
broadcasts and the internet to disseminate print, audio, and
video journalism around the world."

This is What Democracy Looks Like is produced by 
Independent Media Center and Big Noise Film.

See           http://www.newsworld.cbc.ca/programs/sites/pe2.html 
for more info and times in your area.

Anita Zaenker,        BC Chairperson
Canadian Federation of Students
Tel: 604.733.1880          Fax: 604.733.1852

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