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[OPIRG-EVENTS] This is for the Night People

WHEN: April 23, 2001
WHAT:  THIS IS FOR THE NIGHT PEOPLE:  An Intimate Evening Of Cool Jazz And 
Live Cinema
     Starring: LEE AARON   with special guest: RALPH

WHERE:  Downstairs SAW Gallery
                                $12 Admission Ticket info available from:
                                scallen@spectrasonic.com tickets will be on 
sale shortly
                                at Ottawa record stores. Please do not call 
SAW Gallery (we
                                are renting the facility from them).
Both LEE AARON and RALPH will be sharing a core group of musicians 
comprised of; Jane Milliken (keyboards), Lee's musical director and
     CD co-producer - Ms. Milliken has played with Amy Sky, Holly Cole,
Parachute Club, Headpins, Hugh Marsh and others; Graham Howell (sax),
     a member of both RALPH and the LEE AARON group, in addition to duties
with Powder Blues; and John Cody (drums), a prolific musician who's
     played with Bo Diddley, Ray Condo, and many more - Cody's tales of 
touring Canada in the 70's are featured in Dave Bidini's book, "On A
     Cold Road". John also writes for the American music magazine, Goldmine.
A RALPH show is a fun evening of spoken word, Beat sensibility, cool jazz, 
and my belief that poetry can be presented as part of a popular culture mix 
that is positive and universal. The original notion of what Kerouac called 
"Beatitude" was a celebration of life, discovery, experience and goodness 
in your heart. It's a very key ingredient that's been overlooked by popular 
stereotyping. Poetry is not negative and if my kind of Beatnik LiteŠ can 
make people give it another chance, then that's great!"

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