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[OPIRG-EVENTS] FW: If you have bold, can you bold the titles.

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>                                  April 9, 2001
>          Colours of Africa Film festival
> In collaboration with Montréal's Vues d'Afrique, the Ottawa region will
> host
> the first annual Colours of Africa film festival from April 20 - 27, 2001
> at
> the National Archives (395 Wellington).
> Colours of Africa will present a diversity of African social and artistic
> world views through the exposition of 7 of the continent's finest and most
> recent productions. Film directors will be in town to introduce their
> films
> and engage with the audience afterwards.
> Ottawa's first African Film festival will commence with a reception at 7pm
> on April 20th, sponsored by the High Commission for the Republic of South
> Africa. The following week, films will be presented on Monday April 23rd,
> Wednesday April 25th, and Friday April 27th, beginning at 7pm. Tickets are
> $8 a night, $25 for a festival pass.
> Colours of Africa is a non-profit event coordinated by a joint committee
> of
> NGOs (Partnership Africa Canada, Som-Can Institute for Research and
> Development, Oxfam Canada, CUSO, World Inter-Action Mondiale). All
> proceeds
> will be returned to the festival to cover this and next year's costs.
> Please call Verda Cook at 613 237-6768 for tickets ($8 an evening, $25 for
> a
> festival pass) and more information.
> Verda Cook
> Film Festival Coordinator
> Partnership Africa Canada
> 323 Chapel Street
> Ottawa, Ontario
> K1N 7Z2
> tel: 613-237-6768
> fax: 613-237-6530
>                 Programme
> 7 pm
> April 20th, 2001
> Âme Noire-Black Soul (Canada)®No words. The advice of an old woman to her
> grandson unravels a cinematic succession of painted tableaus.
> Rage (Nigeria-England)®English. After a robbery attempt sabotaged by
> hopelessness, 3 adolescents trying to put together a Hip Hop album find
> themselves in a spiral that slowly begins to erode their friendship.
> April 23rd, 2001
> Le village des vierges (DSA)®French, with English subtitles. South Africa
> has become one of the most violent countries on the planet. Under such
> conditions, thousands of women have found refuge in communities kilometres
> outside the city of Durban, under the reign of a female guru named Shembe.
> Yellow Card (Zimbabwe)®English. Tyane, a 17 year old neighbourhood soccer
> star believes himself to be above the affairs of love. He succumbs to
> Linda,
> promptly drops Linda for Juliette, but nine months later...
> April 25th, 2001
> Une femme pour Souleymane (Sénégal)®French. A young Senegalese man named
> Souleymane, 3 years in Paris, attempts to surmount his loneliness through
> the invention of another life.
> Siraba, la grande voie (Burkina Faso) ®French. The village teacher shot
> the
> sacred boa and the boa¢s spirit had then gunned down the teacher. His
> father, the governor, thinks it¢s a case of murder...
> April 27th, 2001
> Salam (Morocco)®French. Ali lived for many years in a home for immigrants
> in
> Paris. Nearing his retirement he would like to spend his remaining years
> in
> his home country, Morocco...
> No Man's Love (Tunisia)®French. The story of Akim, a hunter haunted by the
> death of his little sister.
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