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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Wed.Apr.25 - Quebec City Update - 7pm, Ottawa U.



At 7:00pm, Wednesday, April 25, room 146, Vanier Hall, 136 Jean Jacques-Lussier.

Share your experiences in Quebec City with people who were not there.      

-Why did you go?  
-Were your expectations realized?
-Give your comments, critiques and analysis on what you learned.
-If you have pass-around photos, bring them.

Everyone is welcome. Open discussion.

This is a special meeting in a six month series which asks the question:
"In addition to protest and criticism, what is the citizens' alternative to
corporate rule?

This meeting is co-sponsored by: 

The Ottawa Chapter, The Council of Canadians and the Ontario Public Interest
Research Group (OPIRG, U of Ottawa)

Armand Cote
Ottawa Chapter
The Council of Canadians

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