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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CPAWS: Land Stewardship Presentation

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley
Chapter presents ...

Wilderness Wednesdays
UPCOMING: May 2nd, 2001
Starts 7pm
Sandy Hill Community Centre - Games Room
250 Somerset E. near King Edward Ave., close to Ottawa

KEY TOPIC: Land Stewardship
Caring for the Land; the Future in your hands
Guest Speaker - Alan Jones, Co-Chair of the Ottawa
Stewardship Council

SLIDESHOW: Wild Lands and Calm Seas of Newfoundland
Hiking the Long Range Mountains, Exploring the Wonders
of Gros Morne, Circum-navigating New World Island by
By Jay Morrison and Malcolm Edwards

Background: Gros Morne

The spectacular Long Range Mountains, land-locked
fjords, pillow rocks and mysterious Tablelands of Gros
Morne National Park not only bestow the land with
incredible beauty, but reveal secrets of the major
stages of the earth's evolutionary history and are an
essential part of the reason the park was declared a
UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Woodland Caribou can be seen in summer at higher
elevations, and the Moose population, non-native to
Newfoundland, has exploded! 

Although permanent settlement on these shores did not
occur until the turn of the 19th century,
archaeological evidence has provided a record of human
history that goes back 3500 years. 

Source -

Background: the Ottawa Stewardship Council

Formed in March, 2001, the Ottawa Stewardship Council
is an amalgamation of two previous stewardship
councils representing the rural and urban parts of the
City. The Ottawa Stewardship Council is composed of 16
individuals, from farmers to urban residents who are
committed to the stewardship ethic of: advancing
knowledge, learning through demonstration projects and
accessing community resources so that the land is
passed along to future generations in a better state
than it was before.

The Ottawa Stewardship Council is one of 40 Councils
in Ontario established and funded through the Ontario
Stewardship Program. It's a unique program in which a
volunteer, community-based Stewardship Council works
on projects and provides direction to a full-time
Stewardship Coordinator, an employee of the Ontario
Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR). The OMNR also
provides annual seed money for the Councils' community
based projects. 

The Council is a credible forum and resource for the
many community-based stewardship/ environmental groups
in our unique community, the City of Ottawa.

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For more information, please contact:
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Ottawa Valley
Chapter/Section vallée de l'Outaouais
880 Wellington Street, Suite 506 (B)  Ottawa, ON   K1R
Telephone:  (613) 232-7297    Fax:  (613) 232-2030
Executive Director: Jean Langlois  Email:

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