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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Founding Meeting RiverKEEPER program for the Ottawa River

RiverKEEPERS: watching out for the Ottawa
28 April 2001 (2-3:30PM at Lakesides Gardens Community
Centre, Britannia Park) to initiate the formation of a
RiverKEEPER program for the Ottawa River. 
The hope is to involve as many
> people as possible in eastern Ontario and western
> Quebec who share a concern for the conservation and
> preservation of this remarkable and important
> natural asset.
> Please consider attending this founding meeting. You
> can also help by
> passing on this notification and invitation to
> others who share these
> concerns for the Ottawa River and its natural
> integrity:
> There are more details at:
> http://www.momtahan.com/ottawariverkeepers/
> http://www.westborobeach.org/Keeper.html

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