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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Thursday Talk on genetic engineering and labelling: BrewsterKneen talks about Codex

[posted on behalf of Food Action Ottawa -- see also http://www.flora.org/fao/ ]

Join renowned author and activist Brewster Kneen on Thursday, May 3 
from 7:30 to 9 pm at the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre for an 
insider report of the latest news from international meetings that 
could decide the labelling of genetically engineered foods.

Food Labelling: Who Decides? Inside the Codex Meetings with Brewster 
Kneen is an evening event at the Sandyhill Community Health Centre 
221 Nelson Street off Rideau Street across from the Bytowne Cinema. 
Admission is free and everyone is welcome. The venue is wheelchair 
accessible. Presented by the Sierra Club of Canada. For more 
information call Lucy at the Sierra Club, 241-4611.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is the international food standard 
setting body of the United Nations. It will be meeting in Ottawa May 
1-4. Under the WTO, Codex standards will be used as international 
standards. This week the Canadian and the United States governments 
will try to keep other countries from winning labels for genetically 
engineered foods.

Brewster Kneen is a well-known and respected Canadian author and 
activist. He has official observer status at the Codex meetings as a 
member of the 49th Parallel Biotechnology Consortium. He is author of 
"Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology" and publishes 
the "Ram's Horn" newsletter from his home in Sorrento, B.C.
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