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[OPIRG-EVENTS] para transpo labour support - wed may 2, meet at 7:00am

WHAT: Rally to support drivers of Para Transpo, who are on strike.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 2, 2001 at 7:00am

WHERE: Meet at City Hall, 111 Lisgar.
       Starting at 7:30am, move slowly toward Parliament Hill,
       then back to City Hall.

WHO: Contact Lesley Lehtonen for more info at 834-7973.

Background and details to date:
> Subject: para transpo strike
> Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 17:27:36 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Lesley Lehtonen <l_lehtonen@yahoo.ca>
> The march is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 7:30
> am.  We will be meeting at city hall on the Lisgar
> street side.  This route has already been approved by
> the police and we will have the permits.
> Some of the drivers will be picking people up in their
> trucks and vans and will be taking the home again
> afterword.  If you have a list of people who would
> like to attend but need a lift, send me the list with
> their phone numbers and we will do all we can to
> accommodate them or they can call me at 834-7973.  It
> would be a lot easier to transport people if they had
> the manual wheelchairs and the drivers can help you
> get around on the march but we will do our best to
> accommodate those who only have motorized.  
> _______________________________________________________
> (original e-mail received [...] about the march)
> My name is David Lehtonen driver 359 of Para Transpo.
> I am trying to organize a march through downtown
> ending up on Parliament Hill next week.  It looks like
> it will be on Wednesday but I will get back to you
> with the details.
> Can you speak to other handicapped people and try and
> find out how many would be interested in taking part.
> Ideally we would like to have 100 drivers and 100
> handicapped people.  The drivers will be offering
> their vans and trucks as a way of transporting people
> to the starting point and getting them back home
> again.
> I am having a meeting with the drivers on Friday to
> how many people want to participate and to work out
> the details of the march.  I will be getting the
> permit from city hall and discussing the finer points
> with the police department.  Can you get back to me
> hopefully some time this week-end with an approximate
> number of people who would be interested.
> I have also included a copy of a letter the my wife
> sent to the minister of labour protesting the strike.
> Perhaps you could spread her email address, phone and
> fax numbers around to people so that many people can
> have the opportunity to voice their displeasure.
> Please don't mention the march to the minister of
> labour.
> Thank you
> David Lehtonen
> email l_lehtonen@yahoo.ca
> Phone 834-7973
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