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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CPAWS Slideshow: Canoeing across Canada's Great Boreal Forests

CPAWS Ottawa Valley Chapter Presents

MON, MAY 14   
Starts 7:30pm

National Library of Canada
395 Wellington
Free Admission, Donations Welcome

Guest Speakers: Laura Shaw and Ben O'Hara from BOREAL
A Journey Across Canada’s Great Boreal Forests.
Come and share stories and images ... of their long
journey, of adventures and misadventures, of special
places and people, and of creatures great and small
who make the Boreal their home.   

Last summer, four dedicated paddlers set out from the
heart of Canada’s boreal forest in northern
Saskatchewan on a 4,500km journey of discovery. They
set out to see firsthand what was happening to this
nation-defining forest, from the vast clearcuts of the
Dore/Smoothstone region of Saskatchewan to the
unprotected but still wild Heart of the Continent
forests of Manitoba. Along the way they were the eyes
and ears of all Canadians concerned about protecting
our global legacy of wild places and wild species.

For more information, please contact:
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Ottawa Valley
Chapter/Section vallée de l'Outaouais
880 Wellington Street, Suite 506 (B)
Ottawa, ON   K1R 6K7 
Telephone:  (613) 232-7297
Fax:  (613) 232-2030
Email: jlanglois@cpaws.org

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