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[OPIRG-EVENTS] support Quebec City political prisoners

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to remind all about the Letter Writing Night tonight (TUESDAY 
May 15).  We are getting together to write leters to the six people who 
remain in jail in Quebec City. They are still there, awaiting trial 
following the anti-FTAA protests in Quebec City.As you can imagine, one of 
the biggest problems in jail is boredom and loss of morale.  Your letters 
will let them know that people are thinking of them and appreciate their 
contribution to the events in Quebec City.   We will also have addresses of 
Canadian and Quebec officials to whom you can write to demand the immediate 
release of the political prisoners.
This will also be a great opportunity to talk about all those things we 
don't seem to get to in a meeting setting, share stories about Quebec, and 
ideas on where to go from here.
We'll bring the stamps, envelopes, addresses and paper.  You bring a snack, 
a willingness to write, some good conversation and a friend - everyone is 
welcome !

When:  7:00, Tuesday, May 15 2001
Where:  174 First Avenue, just east of Bank St.

For info:  call Dan at 565-3776 or email sawy0010@algonquincollege.com

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