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[OPIRG-EVENTS] wed. june 6: G6B collective meeting

Join us for the G6B Collective Meeting:

Wednesday, June 6
7pm - 9pm
@ the Bronson Centre
211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa.

Corporations have increasingly taken
control over every aspect of human life.
They are gaining global supremacy in leaps
and bounds through bodies like the G8.
They are commodifying life on this planet.
We reject this, and as such have created
the G6B - the group of 6 billion -
a network for all forms of protest
without compromising one another's tactics.

We believe in creating radical global
change in solidarity with revolutionary
movements using diverse means.
We are for the liberation from all forms
of oppression.
We will educate, organize, and provide a
forum to shut down the G8 meeting that
will likely be held in Ottawa in 2002.

Challenge your own privilege and smash
oppression everyday, please.
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