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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Website/Campaign Launch: Who is really protecting Canadian Taxpayers?

  The following is an early-announcement of a website launch and related
campaign. Please forward....

  In an interesting bit of irony, the same day the Canadian Taxpayers
Federation was sending out a press release to lobby to subsidize energy
and transportation related costs
<http://www.taxpayer.com/newsreleases/federal/May24-01.htm>, their
domain-namesake in the U.S. was sending out an opposing message in
relation to reducing energy subsidies, specifically the huge subsidies
handed out to the Nuclear industry:

  Tomorrow, on Clean Air Day, we hope to launch a counter-campaign in
Canada to stop the Canadian Taxpayers Association from increasing our
taxes.  The campaign is called the "Gas Subsidy Honesty Day", to counter
the mis-named CTF "Gas Tax Honesty Day" campaign.

  We hope to send out our launching press release later today, but thought
we would send some people advanced notice of the launch.


 Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <http://www.flora.ca/>
 Lung association helps damage lungs.  http://www.flora.org/afo/forum/3140
 RMS clarifies Freedom http://www.gnu.org/press/2001-05-04-GPL.html
 New Campaign for Fuel Subsidy Honesty! http://www.flora.org/taxpayer/

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