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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tues.Jun.19 - Friends of Tibet: Dinner and Auction of Carpets

Tibetan Carpets and Good Karma for You!

Ottawa Friends of Tibet
Fund-raising Carpet Auction 
Tues. June 19, 2001. 

Salon  A & B of the Civic Centre

Tickets $20 - include Tibetan-style dinner, 
although there will be dishes for all tastes.

Viewing and Silent Auction: 5:30pm, Dinner: 7:00pm, 
Live Auction: 8:00pm
 - -  call 837-2273    or e-mail <hartjansson@home.com>

Tables for 8 can be reserved.

Dozens of gorgeous 60-knot and 100-knot hand-crafted carpets
Made with 100% Tibetan wool, imported from Nepal
Designs from traditional to modern
Sizes from 2.5 x 4 ft.  to 10 x 12 ft.
Colours - include natural colours with no dyes, vegetable dyes or Swiss dyes
Many of the workers who have made these carpets, as well as the owners of 
the carpet manufacturing business, are Tibetan refugees living in Nepal. 
No child labour was involved in the making of the carpets.

Presented by Ottawa Friends of Tibet and local Rotary Clubs
Proceeds from the auction will benefit Tibetan refugees, including persons
with disabilities, in Nepal and India through nutrition, health, accessible
housing and education programs. Ottawa Friends of Tibet has been raising
funds in Ottawa 
for the benefit of Tibetan refugees for the past three years.

Obtain a beautiful complement to your home and do the world a favour 
by attending this most worthy event.

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