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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Save a local forest!!!

Quarry Forest Preservation Committee has come up with a plan of action
leading up to the June 13th City Council Meeting...

Join the DEMONSTRATION in support of the preservation of the Quarry
Forest and Ottawa's greenspace in general.

Tuesday, June 12th
12 noon -1 pm
Downtown in front of the New City Hall at 111 Lisgar at Elgin.

We are asking anybody who supports the preservation of Greenspace in
Ottawa in general and the Quarry Forest in particular to come out at
lunch time and be part of a demonstration asking the councillors to vote
against Minto's plans to destroy this old growth forest. Bring with you
your own sign or just come as you are (we will have some extra signs
available). We hope that many from around the whole City will join us.
We will be informing the media of our intentions to demonstrate.
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