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[OPIRG-EVENTS] upcoming octopus events

The New Octopus Bookstore Inc.
Invites you to a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon..

meet two exciting Authors who will each do a reading
Sunday June 17, 2001, 2 p.m. at
Octopus Books 116 Third Ave in the Glebe

Julia Guance
Author of
Remarkable in its language and in its unsettling simplicity, Rocket Science 
explores the mundane and the idiosyncratic with dazzling power
“…With canny prose, [Guance] demonstrates both the fundamental aloneness of 
each of us and the miracle of civilized connection we manage moment by 
moment while the inner self toils away.”- JIM BARTLEY The Globe & Mail

Beth Follett
Author of
With language that is lush and startling and a shape that is disjointed and 
elliptical, Tell It Slant is a brave and beautiful book.
“For all its emphasis on formal manipulation, carefully constructed images 
and flights of pure imagination, the book is also extremely grounded.  The 
emotions it delivers are real and painfully vivid.” Maureen Phillips, Xtra!

All Octopus Events are free and Fun! Refreshments will be served.  The 
building is accessible although the washrooms are not.  If you have any 
questions please call 233-2589.


Climate Justice: a call for Canadian Leadership

a panel discussion with

Gerry Barr- Canadian Council for International Co-operation

Ovide Mercredi- Assembly of First Nations

Dr. David Suzuki- Scientist and Ecologist

Senator Lois Wilson- former moderator, United Church of Canada

Thursday June 14th
7:00 PM
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 101 Lyon St. (at Queen)

Tickets are $7 or $5 (unwaged)
tickets avalable at Octopus
for more info. call 1-800-453-1533

Assembly of First Nations
Canadian Council for International Co-operation
Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative
David Suzuki Foundation

Critical thinking for over 30 years
Now on the world wide web
join us at http://www.octopusbooks.org

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