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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Rally to support strikers at National Gallery, Thursday 5:30 pm

Jim Prowse, president of the striking PSAC local 70397 at the National
Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, calledthe Labour Council
today to ask for support at a massive rally in front of the Gallery, (Sussex
and St. Patrick St.) on Thursday, June 14 at 5:30 p.m.

The reason for the rally is to show Management, at the opening of the Klimt
Exhibit, that it is time for it to return to the bargaining table and
negotiate a fair collective agreement which will allow the strikers to
return to work in dignity.

The key issues in the strike are salary and the length of the collective
agreement. The workers want parity with other musuem workers in the region
and a three year agreement. Management is offering less than the 2.5%
increases the PSAC workers at the Museum of Science and Technology obtained
this year, and is demanding a five-year collective agreement.

At the start of the strike Management tried to sue the picket captains for
$1 million economic damage, and  obtained an injunction limiting the number
of strikers. It has since dropped the lawsuit. The injunction was amended by
the courts to allow picketers to approach the entrance, but it still limits
the picketing at the driveways into the Gallery.

Stuart Ryan
Business Agent/Organizer
CUPE 4600
Carleton's TAs and Sessional Lecturers

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