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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Call for submissions to anti-globalization anthology

hi friends! i need your help! for my senior project this summer i'm
to edit an anthology of creative writing around the theme of the
anti-globalization movement. i've noticed that most of the writing
to this topic is pretty theoretical, though i know for a fact that there

are tons of great writers and artists involved in the struggle. i hope
show a more personal, reaction-based and creative side to the movement.

i need poetry, fiction, personal essays, random thoughts and
artwork, photographs, song lyrics, flyers, anything related to the
movement or the 4 major protests so far(seattle, DC, prague, quebec). I
know that y'all are either personally involved or know folks who are, so

your input could really make this a beautiful thing.

so, please please please send whatever you have OR try to find some time

to create something (write a poem, reflect on your experiences as an
activist, etc.).

please direct me to relevant materials that you know of as well (books,
magazines, websites, email lists, etc.)

also, please forward this request to everyone you know that may be
interested. if this works i'm planning to self-publish the piece and
distro it around the scene and in europe. you could become famous.

i know you're probably all really busy with school, work  or co-op but
would be great if you all could contribute. i'm not setting an
officialdeadline, but certainly ASAP is best (the whole thing must be
by august, so i'm hoping to have the majority of stuff by the end of

much love to all! please respond with thoughts, questions and
contributions. submit via email , or:

neil coletta
antioch college student mail room
795 livermore st.
yellow springs, oh

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