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[OPIRG-EVENTS] apology

We'd like to apologize for sending our last notice in a way that caused you 
all to have to wade through our entire e-mail list. We'll get it right from 
now on!

Here is the notice again in case you deleted it immediately.

Octopus Books Proudly Presents Our

"Seven Stories"

summer reading program for kids!

For seven Mondays this summer we will be hosting creative readers who will 
present imaginative stories free of charge for children ages 4-10.

The series begins on July 9th and continues each Monday until August 20th.

Readings start at 10:30 AM and finish at 11:30.

All readers have lots of childcare experience, so Mom and Dad can feel free 
to take a stroll in the Glebe while their children are being entertained. 
(Of course we recognize that parents like stories too, so they're also 
welcome to stay!)

Nut-free cookies and juice will be served.

You can RSVP for any or all of the Monday readings by calling 233-2580 or 
by sending an e-mail for octopusbooks@cyberus.ca (RSVPs aren't mandatory, 
but keep in mind that space is limited!)

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join us at http://www.octopusbooks.org

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