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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa OCAP Fundraiser July 13

please distribute as widely as possible



Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) Legal Defense Fund 
Where: Mike's Place, Carleton University
       2nd Level, University Centre
When: 7:00 P.M., Friday July 13
Voluntary Donations at the Door
Sponsored by: Ottawa Committee Against the Tories (OCAT)           
Contact: Heidi Rimke (613) 233-7057 
email: hrimke@ccs.carleton.ca
For More Information on OCAP visit: http://www.ocap.ca

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, which has initiated a province-wide
economic disruption campaign against the Harris government, is facing
severe political repression for their actions and organizing efforts in
Ontario. Both CUPE National and CUPE Ontario (and many other allies) have
committed to OCAP's "direct action" campaign - The Long Retreat is Over:
Fight to Win - against the Harris government which continues to assault
students, the sick, the elderly, First Nations, the poor and the homeless,
and workers all across this province. Through the criminalization of
OCAP's fight against social and economic injustice, the powers-that-be
have so far laid serious legal charges on over 50 of their members! OCAP
is in desperate need of financial support to continue the fight both on
the streets and in the courts. Come out for an "open-mike" evening at
Mike's Place on July 13th to demonstrate your support for OCAP and the
need to fight back against the Harris government and all forms of
political persecution and social/economic injustice in Ontario.

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