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[OPIRG-EVENTS] re-Cycles Bicycle Co-op - Meeting Agenda for July 4

Greetings all, 

Here's the agenda for our first monthly meeting. Additions are welcomed and
encouraged. See ya tomorrow.



Meeting Agenda for July 4
Place: Royal Oak on Laurier (across from Ottawa U)
Time: 7pm

1. Financial update: the buck$ (15 min)

2. re-Cycles mandate: do we need one? If so, what should it be? (30 min)

3. Washrooms: wiping the slate clean (15 min)

4. Climate Change Caravan: coming in August; can we help? (15 min)

5. Other stuff


> A turtle was walking downtown when he came across an alley. "A shortcut!" He
> thought to himself, and proceeded down the alley. About half way
> through he was accosted by a group of snails who mugged him, stole all
> his money and left him rocking upside-down on his shell. The police finally
> arrived and asked the turtle if he could describe what happened or give them
> any leads.  The turtle replied "It all happened so fast...".

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