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[OPIRG-EVENTS] job posting - Aboriginal Rights Program material preparation

The Canadian Labour Congress is offering a contract for the writing and
preparations of Aboriginal Rights Program materials.  We are in the process
of updating our materials and providing new information on Aboriginal

Candidates for this position will have to demonstrate sound knowledge of the
structures and policies of the Canadian labour movement and of the political
complexities within the Canadian Aboriginal from a labour and anti-racism

We are looking to work with someone who understands Aboriginal history and
areas of work:  treaty rights, self-government, social and economic rights,
and participation in the labour force.  The successful applicant will also
understand the ongoing discussions about labour codes, union rights and

Candidates will have to demonstrate that they have developed and written
education and awareness materials from a social justice, human rights and
working class perspective.

The contract runs for up to three months.  The value of this contract
$10,000 inclusive of GST.

To apply for this contract, please contact CLC Executive Vice-President,
Hassan Yussuff at hyussuff@clc-ctc.ca by Friday, July 27, 2001 or fax at
(613) 521-4655, with your address, phone number and a statement of
experience, qualifications and suitability.

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