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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sun.Jul15/South African Choral concert-tix locations

Sunday, July 15, 8 pm
Christ Church Cathedral
420 Sparks St. at Bronson
Tickets $15     Get yours early!

Polokwane Choral Society presents a lively concert of South African 
music with its robust rhythm and rich tonal sounds - action songs with
choreography are interpreted by the narrator and encourage the audience 
to take part.  The 50-voice mixed, 'a capella' choir draws upon 
traditional folk music, plus gospel and classical pieces.   

The Choral Society is internationally acclaimed!  It will participate 
in "Festival 500 - Sharing the Voices" in St.John's Nfld. again this year 
as it travels across Canada. It strives to bridge gaps and foster 
understanding among people of different cultures and viewpoints.  

        Classico Uomo, 89 Sparks St.
        Head to Toe Salon, 429 MacLaren St.
        CD Warehouse - 1383 Clyde Ave;  1717 St. Laurent Blvd
or at the door


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